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Humiliating manhunt: how the Metropolitan police “tilt” drivers whose cars were damaged by hooligans

Although, to be honest, even if they admire it, then whether they will find it (if it is not a local janitor or a neighbor) is a big question. The routes of a pizza delivery man on a scooter are no longer tracked by the city’s video surveillance system – for the “prescription of years”. There are no license plates on the SIM, which experts have been talking about for years.

However, the Moscow police are so lazy that they don’t even bother to look at the downloaded archive. What’s there: they even broke to overtake the recordings on the victim’s flash drive, so that he himself looked through them, saving the servicemen’s invaluable time. At the very least, the district police officer who “dealt” with my case did neither. That is, he did not lift a finger to solve a crime against property. His colleague with the skills of a wolfhound showed even more zeal in the post entrusted to her. It is clear that if the case was about a murder, robbery or other serious crime, the police got acquainted with the testimony of all the cameras in the district instantly. Then, probably, the facial recognition system also worked. But incidents like mine don’t give a damn about her.

In other words, to protect and defend the vital interests of an ordinary person, who is now forced to spend about 100,000 rubles on repairs (that’s how much they asked me at the service station), people in uniform either don’t want to, or simply don’t know how. And this, to our misfortune, is not only a problem of a single police department. This is how, apparently, all the work of law enforcement officers in the country is built, ready to catch outright bandits (both criminals and those from the economy), but not at all interested in helping ordinary people in their “penny” troubles.

… Almost two months have passed since the “attack” on my car. But apart from the orders of the district police officer to bring him camera recordings and an expert assessment of the damage, there was no progress in the case. And another stormy activity of the serviceman consisted in the persistent (!) Demand to provide a certificate from work about the salary. But why the hell are the police interested in the income of the victim? Or do the authorities decide for themselves – from what figure of earnings to help / not help the “terpil”?

Such, you know, an anti-social approach: a million was stolen from an oligarch – we will find the thieves and punish them. And the “rogue” (and there are the vast majority of such people in the country), who was “enclosed” – in the police opinion – for a penny – we will not help a priori. This is also evidenced by the fact that the police did not even bother to send me an official answer about their complete helplessness, unscrupulousness and laziness. They don’t care about the little man.

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