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Hybrid sedan Geely Galaxy L6 spotted without camouflage

The Galaxy L6 sedan is a representative of a new sub-brand of Geely, whose market launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023. The design of the front of the model is made in the style that has already become “standard” for modern Chinese cars: narrow horizontal headlights and vertical “stripes” of marker lights. The radiator grille is defiantly narrowed and lowered to the very ground. Door handles are recessed. The most striking detail of the car when viewed from the side is the chrome window trim.

The central design element of the stern of the car was the only narrow “block headlight”, stretching across the entire width of the car body. Two exhaust pipes are built into the lower part of the rear bumper. The power plant Galaxy L6 will receive a 1.5-liter petrol turbo engine. In the basic configuration, the hybrid drive of the model will produce a total of 211 hp. With. Future owners of the most powerful L6 variant will have 359 hp at their disposal. With.

The interior of the sedan is two-tone. The interior of the car spotted by photo spies was beige and black. Management of multimedia capabilities and other functions of the model is carried out using a large vertically oriented touchscreen above the center console. It is expected that the operating system of the novelty will be Geely Galaxy Air OS. At the moment, there is no information about the prospects for the Geely Galaxy L6 to appear in Russia, since the sedan has not yet appeared on the home market.

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