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If not to the sea (and not to the country), where to go by car in Russia? — Driving magazine

In our country, in addition to the obvious routes to the south, there are a lot of areas almost unexplored by modern tourists …

Behind the wheel

Fortunately, we can use the experience of experienced travelers, of which there are many among our readers. They are joined by those who simply would like to be in a beautiful place that they have heard, seen or read about. From their opinions, the results of the “Driving” poll in Viber were compiled.

If we immediately discard the resort-sea direction, then there are surprisingly many options. One of the most difficult is, perhaps, Sakha (Yakutia), Magadan, Kamchatka, Chukotka. However, traveling to those incredible places is chosen by 3% of readers.

Behind the wheel

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A slightly larger group (5%) is not averse to going to Transbaikalia, Amur, Khabarovsk and Sakhalin. Another 10% will prefer the central part of Russia: Smolensk, Bryansk, Tver, Vologda, Tula, Ryazan… And the same number will go “next door”: Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Mari El, Komi.

The south, but not the sea, but the mountains, steppes or rivers, attracts a fairly large group of our subscribers – 14% would go to the Caucasus, Kalmykia or the Astrakhan region.

And the most popular destination is the Urals, Altai and Baikal, it was chosen by 58% of respondents.

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