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In 2023, the number of drunk road accidents in Moscow decreased by a quarter

During this time, the number of accidents involving drunk drivers decreased by 24.5%. There were 83 such accidents. The number of dead and injured people in these road accidents decreased by 60% (8 people) and 20.7% (115 people), respectively.

In total, in January-April, 2279 accidents occurred in Moscow. Police say this is 1.6% less than in the same period in 2022. But we will not rejoice at such a figure, since such scales of the “fall” fit within the limits of statistical error. The total number of deaths and injuries in accidents on the roads and streets of Moscow over the past four months has decreased by 5.3% (89 people) and 4% (2550 people), respectively.

The Moscow traffic police also noted a decrease in accidents involving pedestrians. During the reporting period, they happened by 3.6% less than a year earlier – 775 cases.

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