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in Adygea, the flood destroyed the new bridge (video) – magazine Behind the wheel

Early in the morning, the entrance to the Adyghe capital was blocked …

Behind the wheel

The south of Russia in recent days has experienced serious floods – however, such floods are not uncommon this year throughout Russia. A section of the federal highway R-217 “Caucasus” at the entrance to Maykop was disabled.

Early in the morning on May 25, a bridge partially collapsed on the section “72 + 711 km” of the indicated road (Mostovsky district of the Krasnodar Territory).

Behind the wheel

The fact is that the river with the symbolic name Fars overflowed its banks – this is what led to the destruction. The eyewitness who filmed the video reports that the bridge is new, and, apparently, it is still under construction.

The source writes that the bridge was blocked to ensure the work of federal road services. During the repair period, motorists will have to detour the problematic section through Kurganinsk, turning off at the 96th km of the highway from the side of Maikop or at the 53rd km from the side of Armavir.

“Behind the wheel” can now be watched on RuTube

Source: Main Road

Photo: VK video screenshot

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