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In Russia, they can establish the production of their own ESP systems

Vasily Shpak, one of the deputy heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, said that the Russian industry, after several five-year reports and presentations, has finally moved on to the real establishment of import substitution processes. Exactly at the moment when the word “import substitution” became a household name and abusive.

So, according to the official, domestic enterprises are already producing ECUs (electronic control units), wiring and some sensors for cars. Also in Kostroma, the mass production of Russian anti-lock braking systems ABS is about to start.

The next step, according to RIA Novosti, will be the localization of ESP – elements of the anti-skid system. So far, we are only talking about “considering the possibility of organizing production.” However, the words of an official of such a high rank should be taken not as thoughts aloud and good undertakings, but as a statement of fact: the work is already underway. And since the “publication” of the statement has taken place, then soon we will probably find out the details about the start of a large construction project or the conclusion of an agreement with another partner from “friendly countries”.

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