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In Russia, they sell a unique all-terrain vehicle. It was built in a single copy

An exclusive car for the transportation of shells was built in 1990 by employees of the Murom Diesel Locomotive Plant. F.E. Dzerzhinsky (now Muromteplovoz), but the project ended on one copy and did not develop further. As conceived by the authors of the project, the car was supposed to take out unexploded charges from the landfills, but data on the protection of the driver in case of an explosion were not disclosed. Ask for a unique car two million rubles.

Officially, an experienced all-terrain vehicle with an 8×8 wheel arrangement was named “Kit”. The creators planned that it would be used to remove unexploded ordnance and warheads from the ranges. The only experimental sample was built in July 1990, but things did not go further.

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According to the portal, despite the fact that the prototype was supposed to carry dangerous explosives, there is no information about the protection against explosions of the driver. The only thing known about the technical equipment of the all-terrain vehicle is that the Italian Ruggerini diesel engine is installed in the engine compartment.

In the autumn of last 2022, another domestic all-terrain vehicle was sold in Russia – the eight-wheeled Shaman. A unique amphibian that can move both on land and on water, in particular, is used by Roskosmos, and a few years ago, the Shaman even became the hero of one of the Top Gear issues. The car was valued at 15.5 million rubles.

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