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In St. Petersburg, a truck dumped littered garbage on the road

The spectacle had a panicky effect on some motorists passing by …

Behind the wheel

A video of an incident with a truck that occurred last Sunday at the Ring Road in St. Petersburg was widely circulated on social networks. If you do not know that everything ended well, the spectacle really has a frightening effect.

So, fragments of this video were filmed on the ring road at the exit to the Moscow highway. For some reason, the garbage in the back of the dump truck caught fire. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that these are mainly wooden boards.

The driver can be understood and even praised: having noticed the fire in time, he managed to make the right decision. Without waiting for the moment when the flames would spread to the car and the situation would become irreversible, he stopped and lifted the body.

From the outside, it looked frightening, but no one was hurt in the incident. The source writes that two fire crews quickly went to the place and put out the fire.

“Driving” can be read in Viber

Source: Truckers

Photo: VK video screenshot

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