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In the cold: why does the car engine drive belt whistle?

Whistles! By the time you warm up, you’ll wake up half the house! Maybe dirt or moisture got in, or the belt itself stretched – no one guaranteed its quality, and they chose it according to the “cheaper” principle: if it breaks, we’ll replace it. The grandfathers, over there, pulled on their stockings and drove on. Take the cheapest one! However, the heartbreaking notes do not go away over time, so we brush aside the unplanned ingress of liquids and “solids” as a species – the reason for the whistling lies elsewhere.

The drive belt has a certain tension, which is maintained by various types of tensioners. Even on a Moskvich, for example, it was possible to tighten the strap. But stretching is different from stretching, so in some cases only replacing the consumable will help. Whether it takes a long time or a short time, we will all come to this. And when was the last time they changed it? That’s why it, perhaps not the Mir station, cannot fly endlessly. And that one was thrown into the ocean.

Another thing is worse: replacing the drive belt does not always get rid of the whistling noise. It would seem that the issue should have been resolved by a simple replacement, but, alas, this does not always happen. Moreover, with the replacement of spare parts, the unpleasant sound may disappear, but after a couple of weeks it will return again! And what to do in such a situation? Not changing the drive belt every two weeks is expensive!

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