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In these situations, mechanics are always better than automatic

Of course, with automatic transmission in most cases it is much more comfortable and easier to drive the car. But there are exceptions.

Behind the wheel

Sometimes mechanics are preferable, says Alexey Revin, an expert at Driving. Not to mention the fact that cars “on the handle” are always cheaper, and the resource of the box usually exceeds the resource of the car itself. Automatic transmissions, on average, “go” no more than 200-250 thousand km.

So what can a car with a manual transmission do that a car with a gun can’t?

1. Acceleration dynamics in cars with manual gearboxes is better in most cases, especially for budget models.

2. Fuel consumption is less, unless we are talking about modern dual-clutch robotic gearboxes.

3. When overtaking on the highway, the behavior of a car with mechanics is more predictable.

4. Pulling a trailer or towing another car on a machine with mechanics is safer in terms of transmission safety.

5. It is always easier to get out of the snow or mud captivity on the mechanics: you can apply the buildup and skid.

Read about other advantages of mechanics compared to a machine gun in the publication “Behind the wheel.” You can read “Behind the wheel” in Odnoklassniki

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