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In what cases can a traffic police officer get into the passenger compartment of your car

The actions of the traffic police officers are written in white in their administrative regulations. After the serviceman brakes the car on the roadway, he must immediately approach the driver, introduce himself and indicate the reason for the stop. And if we are talking about an ordinary check of documents, then traffic cops have no right to get into a private car.

But in the case when a stopped vehicle is subject to inspection, law enforcement officers can freely find themselves in its cabin. True, for this they will need to draw up a protocol, and at the same time invite two witnesses to conduct the procedure. An alternative would be video recording. Only after observing all these nuances, the policeman will be able to dig into someone else’s “dirty linen”, plunging into any of the seats of a stopped car.

Let’s say more: traffic police officers have the right to enter the interior of a third-party car in order to pull out an intruder who opposes the legitimate requirements of law enforcement officials. And also in the case when the driver or his companions threaten the health or life of other citizens, and also use force against the law enforcement officers themselves.

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