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In what cases can traffic police inspectors come to the place of residence of the driver

In addition, employees of other departments of the traffic police can visit the driver at home. In particular, from the department of search of vehicles. Especially if the person of interest to law enforcement agencies is not called by representatives of the department.

By the way, it is not excluded that traffic cops will soon help their colleagues in search activities in order to detain citizens who evade mobilization. At the same time, restrictions on the right to drive vehicles will be applied to persons who did not appear on the agenda at the military commissariat.

In any case, before letting an uninvited guest on the doorstep, ask the police to show their official IDs, and also specify the reasons and purpose of such an unexpected visit.

Do you know what questions a traffic police inspector should ask a car owner not to answer? Meanwhile, your words can be easily used against you. How to prevent lawlessness on the part of law enforcement officers, you can find out here.

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