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In what cases will the car owner be denied refueling at gas stations

In addition, there is a risk of being left without gasoline if the light went out at the gas station, the cash terminal broke down, or one of the gas stations was damaged. Also, gas station employees often refuse to fill plastic canisters with gasoline, which have the ability to accumulate static electricity. Let’s say more: some gas stations, relying on the nuances of corporate instructions, do not fill fuel at all into containers other than the car’s fuel tank.

Among other things, the staff has the right to refuse service when the car engine is on, trying to reach the gun to the opposite side of the car, where the fuel tank hatch is located, as well as when approaching the dispenser in violation of traffic rules.

By the way, independent experts strongly do not recommend entrusting the process of refueling the “iron horse” to gas station employees. And here’s why.

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