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Increased detonation and “ripples” on the steering wheel: does the engine require a bulkhead?

Over the decades “the car must be changed every three years”, “the warranty is over – sell it”, “it is no longer modern and will soon fall apart, you are tormented to repair it” and other powerful marketing victories, the Russian driver has greatly lost his technical knowledge. And then to say: in order to fill in fuel and “anti-freeze”, you don’t need to understand the device of the machine. So: these times are over, it’s time to brush off the dust from the materiel and remember the main task of the Internet – the storage and cataloging of information. Knowledge, in other words, which is constantly accumulating.

And in a difficult moment, they are available with one touch of the screen with your finger. Shaking? Are turnovers low? Well, let’s check what they should be? And not on the grandfather’s carburetor “Jige”, but on a miracle of engineering thought of imported production, in the cabin of which events are developing. So, 600 rpm on the odometer turned out to be the norm. What then shakes? Maybe the engine is running?

If so, then the magic “Check Engine” light has already flooded the entire dashboard with yellow light. The engine troit when the coils and spark plugs fail, and this is precisely the area of ​​responsibility of the Jackie Chan. No check? Does he even exist? When we turn the key, does it light up, then go out? Ah, it lights up and goes out? Then the problem is not electronics. We argue further.

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