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Insurance companies are more flexible on hail damage

DAMAGES UP TO 10 THOUSAND EUROS – The last few days have been characterized by a continuous succession of hail, which particularly affected northern Italy. Among the most damaged objects there are certainly the cars parked outside or surprises en route from hailstones the size of tennis balls. Who we have already shown some solutions for to protect bodywork and windows of ours car from hail and above all, we have remembered the importance of having ainsurance specification that covers damage caused by atmospheric events. Damage that, according to what witnessed by Ferdercarrozzierivary from a minimum of 900 euros up to 10 thousand euros for large cars.

THE INSURANCE DECIDES – The normal RCA does not in fact cover the damage caused by hail and neither does the Kasko. To be protected, you must activate one specific policy covering damages sustained as a result of atmospheric events. Not only hail, therefore, but also storms, landslides, avalanches, floods and so on. However, considering the increase in atmospheric phenomena recorded in Italy, these policies “have a number of increasing limitationsfrom high deductibles to negligible ceilings, passing through the obligation to repair the car in centers indicated by the insurance company”, complaint Federcarrozzieri.

LONG TIMES – This habit, according to the president of FedercarrozzieriDavid Galli harms motorists which they have undergone hail damage: “These centers are not able to dispose of the work in a reasonable time because in fact they are providers who send the work to external artisan companies”. Even the repairs may not be done in the best possible way, admonishes Galli: “A machine hit by hail can be repaired in a workmanlike manner either by completely repainting it, or by using only levers (cold technique): the important thing is that the choice of restorative methods takes place on the basis of technical reasons and not for economic reasons, since repainting has much higher costs and on average guarantees a better result”.

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