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Is it possible to leave the scene of the accident, citing threats from the second participant?


For leaving the scene of an accident, its participant is threatened with deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle for a period of one to one and a half years or arrest for up to 15 days. What is written in Russian in white in Article 12.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation. But what if the accident turned into a fight with fists, or even something more serious?

It is possible to leave the scene of a traffic accident only in exceptional cases. For example, in connection with the need to take people injured in an accident to the hospital. True, and this sometimes needs to be proven later. What can we say about the possible threat to life and health posed by the second participant in the accident.

How to behave in a situation where an aggressive citizen rushes at an opponent with whatever comes to hand? Lawyers recommend locking yourself in a car and trying to record the attacks of a violent person on a smartphone’s video camera, and even better, attract witnesses to what is happening, which can be both passengers and passers-by. At the same time, you should call 112, informing the operator of a situation that is increasingly reminiscent of an attack.


But there are times when inadequate “characters” do not want to calm down at all – they break the windows of the car, beat the body with a baseball bat, or even worse – they start shooting. In such a situation, experts admit the possibility of rolling back from the scene, but only formally. In other words, hide from the brawler somewhere around the next turn, continuing to wait for the arrival of the police.

After the law enforcement officers appear, it is necessary to return to the place of the traffic accident, explain the situation to them, backing it up with relevant evidence, which, as already mentioned, can be video recording and testimonies of witnesses. Again, every call to the 112 service is also recorded.


However, even after this, the victim of the attack – regardless of her guilt or innocence in the accident – will still have to testify to the servants why the place of the accident had to be left not by flight, but by car. Therefore, even in the most dangerous, as it seems to you, situation, it is better to close your car and move away from an aggressive citizen to a safe distance.

Another thing is if you have already suffered from his actions – not only the damage to the car that you have presented that is not related to the accident, but also – God forbid – traces of beatings will become a very convincing fact. And for the latter, the attacker can no longer be brought to administrative, but to criminal liability. Depending on how his actions are qualified, the attacker can go to prison for a period of two to eight years.



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