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Is it possible to “shamanize” chips on the paintwork of a car with a pencil or spray can

– Maxim Mikhailovich, let’s, as they say, from the stove: what is the service life of a car paintwork?

– There are certain standards and even GOSTs. According to them, the paintwork must withstand three years in a humid climate and five years in a temperate one. In this case, it is necessary to separate the concept of “paint” and “coating”. The coating is a whole layered cake. First comes the preparation of the metal, then phosphating, applying the primary primer, then cataphoresis, secondary primer, base and varnish. And this “pie” must stand on the car for at least five years.

– A well-painted car without defects can start to rust?

– Here the whole question is how the already mentioned “pie” was prepared. Did you put in all the layers? All dried according to the rules? In the USSR, cars rusted, because sometimes they didn’t even paint with primer – just paint. If the technologies are maintained correctly, the materials are of high quality, then rust should not appear, the paint will not peel off, oxygen will not get into it, oxidation will not occur, rust will not form.

– By the way, are the paints for a new car and for repairing a used one different?

– And how! The repair material is different, in particular, other drying temperatures are laid down. On conveyors it reaches 130 and even 160 degrees Celsius, and in repair shops they can dry at 60 and even at 20. Another chemistry designed to work in more accessible, simple conditions. The conveyor is a specialized technique, robots, application without the slightest defect.

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