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Is it true that in order to save the engine resource, it needs to be turned “into the cut-off”

The auto expert gave an answer to those who like to drive the engine into the “red zone” more often.

Behind the wheel

Auto expert Yegor Vasiliev reminded drivers that the red zone of the tachometer is marked with such an alarming color for a reason. Any motor has two important parameters: torque and power. And although in most cases, as the engine speed increases, its power grows, motorists need to take into account an important nuance, Vasiliev warned.

“The characteristic of torque is such that long before the maximum engine speed is reached, it begins to decrease. This is due to the peculiarity of filling the cylinders with a working mixture of air and fuel. Yes, and the power also does not grow indefinitely, and as it approaches the maximum speed, it also begins to fall, ”he explained, adding that for these reasons alone there is no point in“ unscrewing ”the engine to cutoff.

The expert also noted that contrary to the established opinion that such operation of the engine saves its resource, the effect will be exactly the opposite. He explained that at higher speeds, the details of the connecting rod and piston group and the gas distribution mechanism begin to experience a greater load.

Considering the fact that the engine is one of the most expensive components of a modern car, the habit of constantly “turning” the engine can be very expensive, the auto expert concluded.

“Driving” can be read in Odnoklassniki

Source: Russian newspaper


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