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Is the end of the super stamp near?

AWAY THE MICRO-TAXES – The government chaired by Giorgia Meloni would be thinking of abolish the superbollthe additional tax applied to cars exceeding the power of 185 kW. The executive would in fact be considering eliminating a series of micro-taxes which, apparently, bring reduced revenue to the state coffers. The definitive list of taxes to be abolished is still to be drawn up by the Ministry of the Economy, however it seems that among these there is also one that is one of the most hated by motorists.

MORE REVENUE? – The current super tax was introduced by the Berlusconi government and then made effective in 2011 by the Monti government, which lowered the power limit and increased the tariff per kW, with the Salva Italia decree. In fact, the superbollo foresees that an additional quota is added to the car tax established by each Region 20 euros for each kW over 185 (with reduction to 12 euros after 5 years of enrollment, 6 euros after 10 years, 3 euros after 15 years and abolition after 20 years). The additional tax had been envisaged with a view to collecting greater tax revenue from the owners of luxury cars, but the introduction of the super vignette only had negative effects for the less revenue for the State due to the collapse of the sales of cars with greater powers.

LARGE MAJORITY – Since its introduction, the additional tax has been much criticized and there have been attempts, more or less concrete, to abolish it once and for all. Until today, however, the super stamp has remained. We will see if the will of the government, supported by a large majority in parliament, will really be to eliminate this much-discussed tax.

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