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It became known how many cars Moskvich sold since the start of production

The renovated plant was launched in December 2022.

Behind the wheel

At the end of last year, the revived Moskvich plant began selling the first model assembled on a conveyor using the SKD method. To date, almost 2.5 thousand cars have been sold. As explained in the company, the statistics reflect sales and do not take into account the data on the registration of the car with the traffic police.

Now the market offers a gasoline version of Moskvich 3 with a manual gearbox or with a variator, as well as an electric Moskvich 3e. In June 2023, cars went up in price, the cost increased by 22-58 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration.

Behind the wheel

Recall that according to plans for 2023, the Moskvich car plant expects to produce about 50 thousand cars. Among the main consumers in the company are taxi and car sharing services.

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Source: Autonews

Photo: Moskvich

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