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It became known when domestic ABS will go to factories

The first production of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) in the Russian Federation is launched in Kostroma.

Behind the wheel

On July 1, serial deliveries of ABS from production in Kostroma to Russian automakers, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak, will begin.

The deputy minister did not specify the exact timing of the launch of the new production.

Behind the wheel

Shpak also noted that the automotive industry has already managed to replace the import of electronic control units, harness products and partially sensors.

The share of Russian electronic components in the automotive industry will continue to grow, as will the localization of the missing electronic architecture, he specified.

ABS is a system that prevents the wheels from locking when braking. Highly localized automakers, in particular AvtoVAZ, have faced a shortage of ABS and ESP systems after the departure of foreign companies.

Subsequently, the authorities decided to introduce a simplified technical regulation, which allowed for the absence of these systems in the produced car in order to prevent the suspension of conveyors. At the end of May, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to return the installation of the ABS system to the mandatory requirements for the production of cars from December 2023.

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Source: RIA Novosti


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