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It became known why road workers lay asphalt in snow and rain

Representatives of Rosavtodor reported that innovative materials, as well as new installation methods, make it possible to ensure high quality pavement in adverse weather conditions. At the same time, the Federal Road Agency emphasized that laying the mixture on a wet surface leads to a deterioration in the adhesion of the road layers.

Rosavtodor said that the latest advances in science and technology allow road services to lay asphalt in mild frost at temperatures down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, as well as during light rain.

At the same time, laying asphalt concrete mixture on a wet surface is allowed to eliminate emergency and dangerous defects in winter, as well as in some other exceptional cases. This is due to the fact that moisture accumulated on the surface of the roadway quickly cools the asphalt concrete mixture and does not allow for strong adhesion of the layers.

At the end of January, Rosavtodor reported that specialists would use old asphalt to repair roads. Experts called one of the advantages of this approach a reduction in road repair time.

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