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It happens that front-wheel drive is better than full. It is when? — Driving magazine

“Behind the wheel” studied all the advantages of the mono-drive version, and there are many of them.

Behind the wheel

Brilliant marketers came up with the concept of “front-wheel drive crossover.” Sometimes such versions are created from purely front-wheel drive cars, and sometimes all-wheel drive crossovers are also simplified. There are models that have only one version, and there are options. All-wheel drive crossover, of course, will cost more. But does everyone really need an all-wheel drive car? The expert “Behind the wheel” Alexey Revin found the advantages of front-wheel drive versions.

Here are a few points to note.

1. Economy

Front-wheel drive crossovers are usually more fuel efficient due to the lack of all-wheel drive, they are lighter, which allows you to moderate the “appetite”.

2. Price

Front-wheel drive crossovers are often offered at more affordable prices than all-wheel drive models. Since all-wheel drive requires additional components and technologies, it increases the cost of the car.

3. Maneuverability

Since front-wheel drive crossovers are usually lighter than four-wheel drive crossovers, they are more agile and easier to drive. The lighter design and the absence of rear-wheel drive improve driving dynamics, especially on paved roads and in urban environments.

4. Easy maintenance

The absence of an all-wheel drive system makes maintenance and repair of front-wheel drive crossovers easier and cheaper.

5. Reliability

Front-wheel drive is always more reliable. The logic is simple: the fewer components and parts, the less likely it is to break.

Note that the choice between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive crossover depends on your specific needs and operating conditions. If you want the best off-road performance and handling on difficult roads or in bad weather, an all-wheel drive crossover may be preferable.

And for the rest, perhaps the front-wheel drive option will be the best choice, especially since it has a lot of other advantages. Read more about this in our material. “Driving” can be read in Odnoklassniki


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