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it’s better not to run into the military on the road – magazine Behind the wheel

They can easily leave the scene of an accident, providing torment with the courts.

Behind the wheel

According to the lawyer of the “Freedom of Choice” automobile movement, Sergey Radko, if you were injured in an accident with the military, it may be difficult for you to receive compensation (you will have to go to court), since not all military vehicles have OSAGO.

You will have to sue the military unit to which the driver is attached. But even in this case, it is not easy to receive compensation, since the Ministry of Defense allocates money several times a year.

One more nuance: in any case, a civilian driver must call the traffic police, and they will decide what to do next, because if the military is guilty, you need to call the military traffic police (VAI). In addition, the military can also suddenly leave the scene of an accident, referring to the order, and the same VAI should deal with this.

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