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JAC will start selling the budget Yiwei 3 (Iwei) in June

Yiwei 3 is the brand’s first car built on the new JAC DI platform.

Behind the wheel

JAC launched the Yiwei brand in China as recently as April 12 and announced that it is aimed at young people between the ages of 20 and 35.

The power reserve of the Yiwei 3 electric car will be 600 km, and prices are promised at the level of 100,000-150,000 yuan (1.1 million rubles – 1.6 million rubles).

Yiwei 3 is an urban five-door car with five seats. Its dimensions (L / H / W): 4025/1770/1560 mm, wheelbase – 2620 mm. There are also English letters EV3 on the back of the car, which indicate that it is being prepared for export. Overall, this is a charming “pop-eyed” compact with a neat design.

It has one motor with a power of 70 kW or 100 kW, and the maximum speed is limited to 150 km/h. It is known that in addition to the version with a power reserve of 600 km, they will also offer two simpler ones with runs on a single charge of 300 km and 400 km.

The electric car supports fast charging with AC and DC. At the Shanghai Auto Show, JAC also introduced the Yiwei 3, powered by a sodium-ion battery. However, the launch date of this version is not yet known.

Since the JAC manufacturer is favorably treated in Russia, the appearance of a Chinese state employee is not excluded in our country either.

In addition to this novelty, Yiwei plans to release four more new models in the next five years: Yiwei 5, Yiwei X5, Yiwei 3 and Yiwei X3.

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