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Japanese companies bring only used cars to Russia

It is not worth counting on the supply of new cars yet.

Behind the wheel

In the first quarter of 2023, Japanese manufacturers did not bring a single new car to the Russian market. But for the same period, the export of used cars increased by 40% (compared to the same period last year).

“The export of used cars from Japan to Russia is going well. Russia in terms of purchases of used cars is far ahead of other countries that also import them, ”said a Japanese expert who wished to remain anonymous.

During the first three months, 49,000 used Japanese cars were imported into Russia.

In 2022, the volume of deliveries to Russia of Japanese cars amounted to 205 thousand, thus ahead of the UAE, where 129 thousand units of equipment were imported.

The expert noted that used cars became Japan’s main export to the Russian Federation, they accounted for 41.4% of its volume in 2022.

“Behind the wheel” can now be watched on RuTube

Source: TASS


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