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Jeep toilet? Why not! (video) – magazine Behind the wheel

Don’t ask why this is necessary. Who knows how things will turn out on the next trip?

Behind the wheel

Tuning is an international phenomenon, but in each region it has its own features. At the same time, in every country there are tuners who do just extreme things that are completely out of the box.

However, if the “framework” in this case is considered the dimensions of the Toyota Fortuner (or rather, its trunk and third row of seats), then it was quite possible to fit into them.

One South Asian tuning studio installed a full-fledged toilet in the interior of an SUV. The plumbing product is in its own “capsule”, located in place of the right seat of the third row.

Inside this capsule, you can easily accommodate for the purpose of sending natural needs. According to a blogger reviewing know-how, using all these is quite comfortable. There is even a hose with a nozzle to which water is supplied. Although questions about the design, of course, remain …

“Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Road Wars

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