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Jet McLaren, evil little Toyota, Corvette-outrageous and other examples of “brazen and shameless lies” of manufacturers — Reading Room

“After several runs on a wheel dyno, the 2021 engine produced 393 hp. Take away the losses and you’ll probably get over 400 hp. on the flywheel,” concluded the participants in the experiment. Pre-styling Toyota, according to the observations of the Americans, is also a little more powerful than declared. By the way, Car and Driver considers 15 percent to be obsolete: “Current transmissions are much more efficient. Probably, it’s time to talk about five or eight percent.


If the above facts seem to you a mouse fuss and a slight deviation, then welcome to a rendezvous with the “five emka”, one of the main modest planets and part-time monster of acceleration. The killer dynamics of the super sedan has long been legendary, as well as the potential for tuning. The search for truth was once again engaged in Car and Driver. The test subject was a standard M5 Competition with a supercharged 4.4-liter V8 (625 hp and 750 Nm). The testers suspected something was wrong when the weighty BMW accelerated to 97 km / h in three seconds.

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