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Keys in the cabin, by pressing which you can get into an accident

Another dangerous key is the activation of the electronic parking brake. In the design of such a mechanism, instead of cables, wires are used that are connected to the control unit and electric motors of the deceleration system. If you activate the mechanism in motion, then the car will lose stability in the first minutes and begin to “fidget”. Various electronic “charms” are turned on only later to extinguish parasitic vibrations. But even such a short moment of time is enough for an inexperienced driver to lose control of his “iron horse”. What can we say about the turn.

The start-stop button is also easy to touch with your hand, especially since it is located next to the steering wheel. If this happens at low speed, then you should not worry. The electronics are set up so that the motor does not stall. But if the car is moving, say, at 40 km / h, then the power unit will obediently fall silent. This can provoke an accident, say, in a traffic jam or at a traffic light, when the driver of the car following behind sees a green signal and presses on the gas.

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