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Leave to stay: Russian Hyundai plant will be bought by Kazakhs

The fact that negotiations on the implementation of the assembly site have entered the final stage, reports the South Korean TV channel MBC. The media reports that the future owner of the enterprise will be the Kazakh company Astana Motors. Recall that earlier Allur, which also assembles Hyundai models in this country, was called a possible buyer. In addition, the option of transferring the plant to the Russian government was also considered. However, this path was considered less promising.

The headquarters of Hyundai Motor confirmed the fact of negotiations, but the details, including the cost of the transaction, were not disclosed. Now the parties are waiting for the approval of the authorities of the Russian Federation. The procedure should go without problems, as other automakers have already made similar decisions.

There is a high probability that the agreement provides for the right to repurchase the enterprise within several years. After all, Nissan plants in St. Petersburg and Mercedes-Benz in the Moscow region were sold on similar terms.

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