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Liux Geko: the microcar born from plants

BIOCOMPOSITE MATERIALS – The intentions of the Spanish start-up Liux are undoubtedly ambitious: to build the most sustainable cars on the planet. With this aim was born the Liux Gekoan electric city car hole 270 cm and 150 cm wide which promises 150 km of autonomy. But what differentiates the Geko from other similar cars are the materials used for the construction of both the monocoque and the bodywork, namely a biocomposite material made with flax fibers and bio-based resins. Everything is then voluntarily left unpainted. The manufacturing process also includes several 3D printed elements, a technology the company says cuts production time along with CO2 emissions.

QUADRICYCLE – Slightly larger than the Citroën Ami, even there Liux Geko falls into the category of quadricycles and for this its rear-mounted electric motor is limited to 20 HP of power. The Spanish startup promises that the 13 kWh modular battery can be easily recycled or replaced with a better unit when technological progress permits. Fundamental to obtain autonomy and satisfactory performance is the weightwhich on Geko stops at 550 kgthanks to the reduction of the complexity of the design, the number of pieces and materials.

WHEN HE’LL COME? – The Liux Geko it is not the first car designed and presented by the Spanish house. At the end of last year, the start-up presented the first images of the Liux Animala 240 HP electric crossover which according to plans should be launched in 2024. For the city car, however, there are currently no estimates for the start of production, much less an indicative price.

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