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“loaf” turned into a mobile moonshine

In an effort to circumvent the law, craftsmen improve their skills in organizing the distillation process.

Behind the wheel

Residents of Belarus on the basis of the classic UAZ-“loaf” built a mobile mini-factory for the manufacture of moonshine. To do this, the bootleggers cut off the roof of the van, installed a giant moonshine still in the cargo hold, and then welded the roof back on. So that the car would not be stopped by the police officers, the moonshiners moved on it through the forests of Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

The conspiracy did not help: law enforcement officers detained bootleggers, seized about 60 liters of finished products, and also destroyed about six tons of mash. It is interesting that the mobile moonshine was accompanied by two more cars, in which there was a boiler and flour necessary for the production of moonshine.

In Belarus, it is forbidden to make moonshine, as well as to design devices for making alcohol. For violation of the law, confiscation of equipment, destruction of drinks, as well as a fine of 185 Belarusian rubles (approximately 5 thousand Russian rubles) are provided.

“Driving” can be read in Odnoklassniki

Source, photo: Telegram of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus

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