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Lucid Gravity prepares for 2024

LUXURY FOR SEVEN – Lucid is completing the development and road test phase of the Lucid Gravity, electric suv of luxury that will be launched in the course of 2024, of which some teaser images have been released. Known for the Lucid Air, the American house has further improved its technology by creating a model that aims to offer luxury and space for up to 7 passengers combined with supercar performance. All this, Lucid promises, with a greater range than any other vehicle in its category.

VERSATILE INTERIORS – Thanks to the Lucid Space Concept system, the passenger compartment of the Gravity offers flexible configurations, able to accommodate five, six or seven seats, with two or three rows of seats. New generation high-resolution Glass Cockpit screens will also be available on board, equipped with the latest version of the Lucid UX software interface. “Like Lucid Air redefined the sedan segment, Gravity is about changing the world of SUVs,” said Peter Rawlison, CEO of Lucid Group.

GREAT AUTONOMY – The Lucid Gravity it will be built on the same platform as the Air, a sedan currently also available in some European markets, but not in Italy. The sedan has a range of up to 830 km, thanks to a 113 kWh battery that powers two electric motors, with power up to 1,111 HP. We don’t have any further details on the powertrain at this time, but it’s likely the Gravity will similar technical specificationseven if it is plausible that the autonomy is slightly lower, given the greater weight and the worse aerodynamic coefficient of the SUV compared to the sedan.

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