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Luvly O: the microcar in assembly kit

IT MOVES IN PARCELS – It is Swedish and is shipped disassembled. No, it’s not an Ikea desk, but a new electric car called Luvly O. It’s about a microcar electric two-seater 270 cm long, 153 cm wide and 144 cm high, which is delivered in flat packs, similar to those of the furniture giant Ikea. All this to the advantage of the logistical management of travel and for a prezzo of competitive purchase, of 10.000 euro. In reality, the customer will not then have to arm himself with an Allen key and screwdriver, but the final assembly will be entrusted to specialized companies.

AUTONOMY FROM THE CITY – Once mounted, the little one Luvly O electric weighs 400 kg and allows autonomy up to 100km at a maximum speed of 90 km/h. Energy is supplied by a 6.4 kWh battery divided into two interchangeable modules, which can be easily removed and plugged directly into a power outlet like a smartphone. Alternatively, it is of course possible to charge the battery by connecting the car directly to the mains.

SMALL BUT SAFE – Despite its very compact size, the Luvly O offers a 267-litre trunk, a value slightly higher than that of the Smart ForTwo. There Swedish startup promises not to leave the safety in the background, making the Luvly O with energy absorbers and sandwich composite safety shell: “this technology offers by far the best passive safety compared to any comparable vehicle”, assures the company.

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