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Maserati MC20: Despicable with style


Dashboard and controls
Sporty and well finished, the passenger compartment of the Maserati MC20 it is furnished with elements in carbon fiber (not all as standard), leather and Alcantara. Modern multimedia system with Android Automotive system, navigator and 10.3-inch screen. The latter, however, is a bit low: to reduce the risk of distraction from driving, it would be better to have it at dashboard height. Remaining on the dashboard, the “climate” vents could be improved, which (in the name of aesthetics) do not have separate regulation of the flow rate and direction of the air flow. The carbon fiber gearshift paddles behind the steering wheel, on the other hand, are well done. Too bad they are part of the expensive Carbon package (the standard ones are in aluminum). Between the seats is the selector for the driving modes, which are five, with the possibility of softening the response of the shock absorbers even in the most extreme mode, Corsa. In the latter, the graphics of the digital dashboard (10.3”) include a “segment” rev counter, reminiscent of that of racing cars.

Considering that we are talking about a super sports car ease is not bad, not even by choosing the enveloping seats with carbon fiber shells and Alcantara upholstery: they are electrically adjustable in height, while scrolling is manual. To get there you certainly need a little agility, but you don’t need to be an athlete. Despite the low seat, the comfort is good.

There isn’t a real trunk, but two cockpits, one in front and one behind, for a total of 150 litres: other sports cars do better. The front compartment of the Maserati MC20, mostly only 10 centimeters high, offers a capacity of 50 litres; there is a storage net, lighting and a 12-volt socket. The compartment behind the driver and passenger is wide but not very regular and 27 cm high: it is better to use small bags or backpacks to make the most of the 100 liters available. Take care of the finishes.

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