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MAZ has released an unusual electric bus

Initially, the diesel MAZ-271 was shown in 2020. According to the portal, it was an apron model with six doors, a powerful air conditioning system and a floor lowering mechanism. The bus costing more than 20,000,000 rubles had a front-wheel drive, since this arrangement made it possible to provide the maximum passenger capacity.

A battery version of the platform has now been prepared – it will be shown on May 19 at the SPbTransportFest transport festival in the Northern capital. As for the tests of the experimental specimen, they will be held at the St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport.

It should be noted that the Minsk Automobile Plant turned out to be the first enterprise in the post-Soviet space, whose engineers were able to develop a specialized model of this class. Its width is 3190 mm, length is 14480 mm, and its height is 3250 mm.

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