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Mazda patents four-engine rotary hybrid

The system is low-voltage, and depending on the load, it can operate with different voltages. The patent filed in the USA briefly describes the installation scheme using the example of a sports car with three electric motors and four-wheel drive. But, of course, no one gives guarantees that such a machine will go into series.

Mazda has patented a hybrid powertrain with a rotary piston engine (RPD), three electric motors and variable voltage batteries. In normal mode, its four blocks produce standard 48 volts. However, when the load increases, the two pairs are started in series, at 96 volts each. The scheme primarily allows you to reduce the weight of the entire hybrid superstructure, as well as improve safety.

On the images attached to the patent, the RPD is set in front. Two asynchronous motor-wheels with a capacity of 23 horsepower are also mounted there. Behind the internal combustion engine is a third electric motor. Moreover, it is a permanent magnet synchronous motor. This combination appears to achieve high plant efficiency, although it is not clear from the document on what principle it works.

Of course, the patent does not guarantee that such a system will ever appear in mass production. Although the launch of a new type of hybrid installations is one of the stages of the Mazda program for the electrification of the model range. In the meantime, the Wankel motor can only be found on the MX-30 crossover, where the single-section RPD plays the role of a generator for charging the traction battery.

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