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Meet the 5.6-meter pickup truck with four-wheel drive, double cab and the largest cargo area – Test drive

The diesel version is as relaxed and lazy as possible. When the gas pedal is pressed, the motor reacts with a greater delay, the steering wheel is light, sluggish and empty, the roll is more pronounced in turns, and during acceleration it seems that a cyclist can overtake you. Even according to official specifications, the diesel King Kong accelerates to “hundreds” in “eternal” 19.2 seconds!

In general, unlike the gasoline version, you don’t want to drive fast in a diesel pickup truck, and it won’t work. But on the other hand, such a car is perfect for a calm and moderately economical transportation of goods, including on a very bad road.

What about off-road?

For serious off-road KingKong is not very suitable: the ground clearance here is only 200 millimeters, a giant wheelbase and very modest approach and departure angles (25 and 22 degrees, respectively). And the lack of a rear towing eye is unlikely to inspire you to sign up for trophy raids.

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