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Mongolian march: where the tightening of Western sanctions will lead the Russian car market



It was only Erich Maria Remarque who had “no change” on the western front. Now the G7 countries on the new “battlefields” are trying to strangle Russia with their sanctions, tightening their noose with the help of the authorities of our neighboring countries. The AvtoVzglyad portal analyzes what is happening from the point of view of the interests of the domestic car market.

Since the early spring of last year, the Russian motorist has been diligently frightened from all sides by the inevitable and heartbreaking consequences of Western sanctions. For example, a total shortage of spare parts, which was supposed to put the entire domestic fleet on a joke.

Or the cessation of the supply of cars to the country – due to the departure of most automakers. But time has shown that no catastrophe happened. Somehow everything got better and settled down: spare parts and cars are now flowing in more or less stable streams and streams without noticeable interruptions to the domestic market through friendly and neutral countries.

Listen Without Turkey and Kazakhstan: how the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions will affect the domestic car market on Yandex Music

But the “Western partners” seem to be tired of watching this process – in the painful expectation for themselves of the ripening of some deadly “fruits” for the Russian economy. And for the sake of accelerating the collapse of Russia, they decided to “press to the nail” the leadership of the post-Soviet states, which until recently turned a blind eye to violations of the sanctions regimes on its territory. Well, with the greedy friendliness of Turkey in the near future, Russia may have significant problems …

All this “foreign policy”, which most directly affects the domestic car market, is told by the journalists of the AvtoVzglyad portal in the next issue of their podcast, which you can listen to here.



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