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Moscow traffic police cameras issued hundreds of thousands of fines “for the belt”

In the first three months of 2022, Moscow traffic police cameras caught more than 400,000 driver violations of the rules for talking on the phone while driving, using seat belts and transporting children. Almost half of this wave of decisions were fines “for the belt” – 203,000 units. In second place in terms of “popularity” is talking on the phone while driving – almost 180,000 punished drivers. The remaining “letters of happiness” – about 18,000 – are related to violations of the rules for transporting children.

The last time officially about the number of traffic police cameras in Moscow that can fine for not wearing a seat belt or talking on the phone while driving was reported about a year ago. Then their park was 362 pieces. Surely since then their number on the roads of the capital has increased.

We recall that under Art. 12.6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, the fine for a driver who did not fasten his seat belt is 1000 ₽ And article 12.36.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses states that 1500 rubles will be recovered from him for violating the rules for using the phone by the driver of the vehicle. Thus, for the first quarter of the 2023rd camera of the capital traffic police “shorn” from motorists about 203 million rubles “for a belt” and about 270 million “for a telephone.” We believe that far from all those punished have paid the fine receipts. And many of the drivers who have already done so took advantage of the 50 percent discount. But even taking into account such circumstances, the amounts “earned” by the traffic police of the capital still seem impressive.

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