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Moskvich is developing two new models: what is known about them

Information about this appeared in the telegram channel “Russian Automobile”: the author of the channel refers to the internal documents of “Moskvich” and claims that two electric models are under development at once. It is known about the battery crossover that it will be comparable in size to the current Moskvich 3, and the design will be average. There was no information about the second original Moskvich model, but, according to the documents, it will be a commercial quadricycle.

The electric crossover on the platform of Moskvich’s own design will reach a length of 4.4 meters (the current Moskvich 3 is 4.41 meters). The author of the channel describes the appearance of the electric car as average: “five doors, a sloping rear roof, thin L-shaped headlights, recessed door handles, a two-story radiator grille.” According to Moskvich’s plans, the novelty will be presented by 2026.

The commercial quadricycle is of more interest, since there was no information about it before. Its design is described as “peculiar and spectacular”, and dimensions are given: the length will be 3.66 meters, the height – 1.62 meters, and the width – 1.7 meters. A model of an unusual quadricycle can be shown this summer – it will be on wheels, but without a cabin yet.

Currently, Moskvich is preparing for the transition from large-head assembly to small-knot assembly, work is being carried out in two directions: localization of welding and painting processes. According to the schedule shared by the press service of the plant a few days earlier, small-knot assembly will be launched in 2024, and the production of its own Moskvich electric car will begin closer to 2026.

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