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Named the date of the premiere of the new Lexus GX

Judging by the widespread teaser images, the car received less pointed optics with original ornaments, a faceted hood and swollen wheel arches. In addition, to match the modern trends imposed on the world by the Chinese market, the back of the new Lexus GX is decorated with a diode strip that stretches across the stern of the SUV.

Details about the technical stuffing of the GX are still kept secret. Don’t go to a fortuneteller – in addition to internal combustion engines, hybrids will certainly appear under the hood. And the Japanese promise a wide range of advanced electronics, including an updated set of smart security systems.

The debut of the model is scheduled for June 9 this year, but the official start of sales will not happen until next year. Probably, the company decided to release a sufficient number of cars before sending them to stock, so as not to repeat the situation with the flagship Lexus LX, the queues for which stretched for several years ahead.

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