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Named the main problems in the sale of the car

It turned out that it is much easier for women to sell their car than for men.

Behind the wheel

In the course of the study, SberAvto service specialists and Rambler&Co analysts interviewed more than 100,000 motorists from all regions of Russia.

It turned out that 67% of them sold their cars at least once. At the same time, 83% sell cars to private individuals through ads or acquaintances, and only 17% resorted to the services of intermediaries, including trade-ni.

A third of motorists (30%) sold their cars for about a month, but for another third (29%) it took only 2-3 days. 27% of respondents said that it took a week to find a buyer, and 14% did not sell a car for more than a month.

It is easier for women to sell their car, and it is they who most often take 2-3 days to do this (in 39% of cases). Only 25% of men manage to find a buyer so quickly.

The majority of motorists are satisfied with their experience of selling a car – 86%. 5% had difficulties while doing this, and 4% noted that selling a car was a negative experience.

Behind the wheel

The main difficulties in selling cars are constant correspondence, phone calls and inspections. Also, the preparation of the car for sale is considered labor-intensive (8%). Negotiations, bargaining and paperwork are no less tiring (18%).

There were also complaints about such troubles as new fines after the sale due to the fact that the new owner did not re-register the car for himself. There are also complaints about the car from new owners.

Important: 4% faced fraud attempts. Toyota will have new models – soon. This was announced by the new head of the concern. “Behind the wheel” can now be read in Telegram.

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