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NEVS Emily GT: the car we will never see

GRANTURISM NEVER BORN – With the hibernation plan announced last month, the NEVSSwedish brand born from the ashes of Saab, showed the world what it was developing before Evergrande’s Chinese owners decided to put an end to the company. NEVS had an autonomous vehicle and an electric car based on the old Saab 9-3 in the pipeline. But the flagship would have been there Emily GTan electric grand tourer that promised aautonomy of over 1,000 km thanks to a 175 kWh battery (but 140 and 105 kWh versions were also planned), which can also be recharged wirelessly.

BETWEEN SAAB AND ASTON – The Emily GT featured 4 electric motors built into each wheel that would provide a power total of 490 CV. Each motor would move one wheel, providing better traction control. Stylistically, it is a sedan that in some ways recalls the Saab 9-5, reinterpreting some elements in a modern key, with some design cues reminiscent of the Aston Martin Rapide.

LA FIRMA AT KOENIGSEGG – The Swedish company had started a collaboration with the Swedish manufacturer of hypercars Koenigsegg, while the project was to be managed by Simon Padien, former Saab design chief who had designed the second generation of the 9-5. Then came the pandemic that brought Evergrande, the Chinese real estate giant, to its knees and put an end to the dreams of glory of the NEVS. However, not before making a prototype of the Emily GT. According to Christian von Koenigsegg, the prototype had proven itself extraordinarily well in tests.

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