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New Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia: the factory is preparing

WORKS IN PROGRESS – Yesterday was the last day of production at the Stellantis factory Cassinowhich will close the production lines until January 8, 2024. These forty days will be used for mount the new line dedicated to the platform STLA Large, which will be the basis for the high-end electric cars of the Stellantis group. The adaptation of the Cassino assembly lines will therefore allow the Lazio factory to produce the heirs of the Stelvio and of Giuliaforeseen respectively in 2025 e 2026 driven only by electric motors, maintaining the assembly of the current ones for some time yet.

REVEALED TO THE UNIONS – The prototypes of the future Giulia and Stelvio have already been shown to the unions at the Mirafiori style centre, as confirmed by Rocco Palombella and Gianluca Ficco, respectively general secretary and national secretary of Uilm: “We had the opportunity to appreciate the development work of the Alfa, Lancia and Jeep brands and preview the Melfi models as well as the two full electric Alfa models, heirs of Giulia and Stelvio, which will be produced in the Cassino plant on the Large platform, but we are confident that there may be further assignments with other brands in the Lazio plant”, declared the trade unionists.

IT STARTS WITH LIGHTNING – In the meantime, on January 8th the assembly line will be restarted and production of the first examples of the Thunderboltelectric version of the Maserati Grecale. As hoped by Uilm representatives, it is possible that other models will also arrive in Cassino in the future, for example the next SUV segment E of Alfa Romeo, announced on various occasions by CEO Jean-Philippe Learned.

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