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New does not mean good: how to find out that the seller offers defective tires

The tire looks new, it may not visually differ in any way from a high-quality colleague, there are no holes or tears in it, and you can order a sticker in a printing house. No one will ask “why” and “why” – it’s not the right time, there are already few customers. This is how criminals get defective tires in commercial quantities that enter the market. Naturally, large and chain stores will not take such goods. Whether it’s the markets and small “shops” on the Internet, enticing with discounts and promotions. You always want to save money, and now it’s doubly so, so many drivers buy, without suspecting anything, substandard.

Before paying, you should carefully examine the rubber: firstly, defective tires at the factory are marked with paint, traces of which are sometimes not completely erased by attackers. We saw the remnants of green – throw it away, you can’t ride on such a tire. Secondly, even if the defect was somehow not “reflected”, it can often be seen with the eyes: it is enough to roll a curved tire on the floor to realize the amount of deviation, any visual defects – delamination, curvature of the pattern, and so on – are also noticeable.

You have to look both outside and inside. Theoretically, even the quality of the rubber compound can be checked: there is flash on every tire, but on a good one it stretches twice, and on a defective one it immediately breaks.

Buying new tires is always an event, because each time they become more and more expensive. However, the endless race for savings should not affect the main thing – road safety. The miser, as you know, pays twice.

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