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New Forland brand enters the Russian market

It is expected that several new cars with chassis and gross weight from 3.5 to 18 tons will enter the market at once. The Forland family, which is the “daughter” of the Chinese brand Foton, includes models from six different lines: H7, T3 and T5, as well as L3, L5 and L7.

At the moment, the possibility of interaction with local suppliers of components is being discussed, which will allow the brand to expand its presence in Russia.

Meanwhile, Russian experts are also on the alert. Just the other day, the Ministry of Industry and Trade reported on the release of the latest truck BAZ-S36A11, produced at the Bryansk Automobile Plant. At the moment, the model is being tested at the NAMI test site. The domestic KamAZ is also working on the modernization of production. In general, we will definitely not be left without heavy trucks.

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