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“New Grant” was filmed for the first time in motion (VIDEO) – magazine Behind the wheel

The vehicle continues to be tested on public roads.

Behind the wheel

A video appeared in the Vkontakte group “Avtograd news”, which for the first time captured the so-called “new Grant” (the name is easy to understand, since AVTOVAZ announced that the car would be produced under a different name) with the factory code XJO.

The video is short, and the cars are still in dense camouflage, and even with overlays, so it’s problematic to see anything in detail. At the same time, for example, mirrors from Vesta are visible, which were on it exclusively in the highest configuration with electric folding.

Recall that the New Lada Granta is the only project on the CMF-B platform that continues to be developed, tested and prepared for the series after Renault left Russia, since both the third-generation Logan and Niva-3 have been stopped.

“Driving” can be read in Viber

Source: Avtograd news

Photo: Notes of a citizen / Vkontakte

Video: Avtograd news

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