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New Jeep Gladiator brought to Russia

Moscow dealers are selling 2021 and 2022 Gladiators. For specimens with a double cabin, they ask from 6,980,000 (Overland equipment) to 8,500,000 rubles (Mojave).

The list of options includes dual-zone climate control, adaptive cruise, rear view camera, touch center monitor, keyless engine start function, seat heating and other equipment.

Buyers can choose SUVs with a 3-liter “diesel” with a capacity of 264 hp. with., or a 3.6-liter 285-horsepower gasoline engine. They are paired with an “automatic”. The drive, of course, is complete.

It’s good that Russians are offered cars of different classes, but Jeep has never been famous for its special build quality. The body of even a new car often “breathed”, and there were gaps at the doors. Therefore, buying pickups without a branded warranty is quite risky.

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