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New Mazda CX-30 brought to Russia

The Russian representative office of Mazda curtailed the “official” sales of the CX-30 model even before the well-known events – in the fall of 2021. For a while, car dealerships worked with stocks, and then, when the government opened a “parallel” window, they themselves began to supply crossovers from abroad. Now they have expanded the range and began to offer not only gasoline, but also electric cars.

As follows from the ad that our colleagues from Rossiyskaya Gazeta found on one of the automobile classifications, the “green” Mazda CX-30, which arrived in the Russian Federation, is equipped with an electric power plant with a capacity of 218 hp. With. and 300 Nm of torque. As for the battery, it is 61.1 kilowatt-hours – with a full charge of the battery without additional recharge, you can drive up to 450 km. True, this is according to the cycle used in China.

Interestingly, the buyer can even choose a complete set – there are several of them: with and without a panoramic roof. According to the seller, everything is in order with the documents: EPTS and SBKTS are issued, the utilization fee is paid. And this splendor costs 3 million rubles. That is, the electric CX-30 is even cheaper than gasoline. Russian dealers now offer traditional modifications at a price of 3.6 million (excluding trade-in and other discounts).

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